Medicaid 24/7 nurse advice line

24/7 nurse advice line

Case Study Summary

When a health insurance company sought to increase health care access, quality and coordination, all while controlling cost for its Medicaid members, they partnered with Carenet to provide personalized 24/7 Nurse Advice Line and Member Services Support.

A Proven Solution

The City of Houston is known around the world for its first-class medical center and renowned physicians and surgeons. Yet, like most major metropolitan areas, Houston officials struggle with meeting the demand for preventive and primary care services.

The potential long-term health consequences of this limited access, and the prevalent economic challenges for this population, are what drove this managed care organization to make a change for Houston-area residents. Its leaders also realized they had to act quickly to implement change if they want to improve the health – and the futures – of their members.

As a managed care subsidiary of the Harris County Hospital District, the organization sought a solution for their members that provided access to care unbound by the constraints of office hours, necessary appointments and limited resources. It had to be convenient and cost-effective. It had to help increase member engagement. And, most important, the solution had to include a long-term and committed partnership.

Carenet becomes a partner to provide the perfect solution. Today, registered nurses (RNs) from Carenet’s 24/7 Nurse Advice Line service expertly answer members’ health questions no matter the time of day or night. This convenient access to healthcare professionals helps members receive the right care at the right time.

The member’s call creates an invaluable opportunity to educate and share health information. The experienced RN may offer a pregnant woman nutrition information and what to expect during pregnancy, or discuss with a mother the importance of regular check-ups and immunizations for her children, or regular mammograms for themselves.

24/7 nurse advice line