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Health Care Call Center
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Health Care Call Center

Improving your members' health care options doesn't have to mean paying more. In fact, with Carenet's unique health care call center, you can actually decrease your overall costs and improve your members' care all at the same time.

Carenet's health care call center allows you to offer members an effective, comprehensive medical resource that's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients are no longer forced to visit crowded emergency rooms or costly urgent care clinics for after-hours. With Carenet, answers to their medical questions and concerns are just a quick phone call away.

By cutting down on unnecessary emergency room visits and costly readmissions and other making healthcare easier and more accessible for your memebers, you're able to significantly reduce your costs and better serve your customers simultaneously.

Carenet can help with:

  • Professional triage services - With Carenet, patients can get comprehensive, professional medical advice from registered nurses without ever stepping foot in an ER. They can ask questions, find out treatment options that can help ease their pain or concern.
  • Easy physician referrals - Our team can effectively coordinate referrals with area physicians, clinics and health care professionals in order to meet patient needs. Carenet can even verify eligibility and enrollment with referred providers.
  • Patient follow-up - After patients have been discharged from the hospital, Carenet's health care call center specialists can provide follow-up services to monitor your patient's condition, ensure post-discharge instructions are being followed and prevent unnecessary readmissions or ER visits.
  • Patient empowerment - Carenet can help empower members by being a comprehensive medical resource from which they can learn. With Carenet, patients are able to ask questions, discuss treatments and gain valuable knowledge about their condition, so future communication and interactions with medical providers are easier and more effective.

Carenet's health care call center is extremely effective at improving patient care and reducing unnecessary costs.

To learn more about what our health care call center can do for you, contact Carenet today.

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